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The Day Lulu Bella Boutique Was Crowned Best Fashion Boutique Northern England 2019

The Day Lulu Bella Boutique Was Crowned Best Fashion Boutique Northern England 2019

Picture the scene, Tracy and myself all suited and booted for the Englands Business Awards 2019, hosted at York Racecourse on Sunday 23rd June 2019. We arrived in time to take our seats and grab a bottle of Prosecco for our table prior to the awards beginning to try and stem the nerves.

The Master of Cermonies first started off by congratulating the room on reaching the Grand Final and for winning in the regional awards. The first winners were then announced before an hour and a half long break for dinner. This did nothing to help Tracy and myselfs nerves. By this point, I was barely able to sit down due to the excitment and nerves of what lay ahead.

After dinner, the winners were annoucned in their categories. Then, out of nowhere, the MC announced 'Next up is the Best Fashion Boutique'. When Lulu Bella Boutique's name was called out both Tracy and myself were cheering like we were possessed! Then, came the drum roll, I could feel my heart racing and in my mouth, god knows how Tracy was at this point! The drum roll finished and the lovely Claire who was announcing the winners started to speak as she opened the golden envelope '& the winner is...' I was practically on the edge of my seat by this point, thinking please please please let it be us, when suddenly, Claire spoken again 'LULU BELLA BOUTIQUE'!! The noise form our table was incredible, there was cheering, screaming, whistling and when I looked over at Tracy in amonst the celebrations, tears of joy.

As the pair of us walked up to the stage to collect our prize, it was a surreal moment for myself thinking is this actually happening? Once we got up on the stage, I collected our award and passed the microphone to Tracy for her to say a few words. I was speechless by this point, after all the work we have put into Lulu Bella Boutique to make it the most amazing shopping experience and give the best customer service, this poved that we must be doing something right! After Tracy had thanked all our amazing Lulu Belles and had our photographs taken, I completely lost my composure and ran up to the camera holding our award and screamed 'GEEEETTTTT INNNN'! I felt on top of the the world! I've popped some pictures at the bottom of the awards ceremony too!

The following day, nursing a little hangover, we spent the day in York and visited my favourite place, Betty's Tea Rooms! Was safe to say that I was over the moon with some fine Betty's Breakfast Tea, cinnamon toast and a Yorkshire Fat Rascal! Delicious!

After a good trek around York in the pouring rain, we finally made our way back to our hotel to get the car and head back home to Newcastle. On the way back, we could've rivalled James Corden's Carpool Karaoke with the singing in the car on the way home! Promise next time I'll take a couple of GoPro cameras and get some video footage for you all!

One last note, I just want to thank each and every single Lulu Belle who voted for us, shops with us in store and online and made a dream become a reality for both Tracy and myself. I can't thank you all enough and we all have so much love for you all!

For now, it's onwards to the English Independent Retail Awards in July where we have been nominated for 2 awards!!

Catch you all soon

All my love




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