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A Quick Hello From Ross

A Quick Hello From Ross

Hi to all our amazing Lulu Belles!

It's really just a quick hello to check in with you all from Ross since I have't spoke to you all much in a blog yet, except when I'm live on Facebook and let you know what I've been up to in the last few weeks.

As most of you will know, I've had a bit of time off on holiday in Spain, getting my tan topped up and working with Tracy out there for the fashion show which was a massive success! We even had our own Meghan Markle! The day was a fantastic day overall and was very popular on Condado de Alhama.

While I was out there, I started to work on our new website whilst I was in the sun. It took me a while to get the website looking how I wanted and even now, I'm constantly tweaking it and updating small things behind the scenes that might not be noticed. I've added in a feature which will give you desktop notifications on your laptop or PC, as well as notifications sent to your mobile phone when new stock is added or an item is back in stock if you would like to purchase it.

After hours and hours of testing, I decided to launch it on the 29th May! Even then, I was nervous and I received some fab feed back from our Lulu Belles. There was a couple of minor tweaks that I needed to make and changed them immediately, one being the colour of the writing was too conflicting with the background colour. Now everything's been changed and settled down and I can breathe again, I'm over the moon with the transition from our old website layout to our bright, dynamic and vibrant new one!

Anyhows, the times getting on now and I've got a busy day tomorrow in the Gateshead store, so I best get myself off to sleep!

Hope to see you all in store soon!

All my love



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